School News


Grade one - Chrome Books

Grade One's have been working on logging onto the Chrome Books.  They have been playing math games, as well as literacy games.

Pajama Day!

Best Day!!  Nothing better than being able to wear your jammies and bring your favourite stuffy to school!  Everyone loves to read in their jammies, so there is no better day than Jammie Day to spend some time with your Reading Buddies!  Donations…

Grade 1 & 2 Literacy Night

Thank you to all the families that made it out for our grade 1 & 2 literacy night.  The students showed their parents what they do each day during their literacy blocks.  

Grade One's Play Time

Every morning we prepare ourselves for the 'Green Zone' so we can learn!  We spend about 10 minutes 'playing'

Math Rocks!

The Grade 8 students helped the grade 1 students in 1H learn card games to help build numeracy! #mathrocks

Remembrance Day Service

We were blessed and honoured to have so many veterans and active members join us in our service today.  Thank you to all the family members of our students who were able to participate today.  It was nice to see all the students in their uniforms representing…

Makers Faire at the Learning Commons

What a fun night at both nights of Parent Teacher Interviews!  Parents went to interviews with the teachers and students were enjoying the Makers Faire.  Thank you to Mrs. Vincent and all her helpers for such a wonderful time!  

59 Minute Fundraiser

The early approximate results from the 59 Minute Fundraiser are looking pretty good! We stand to raise over $4000 in profit in less than 59 minutes!! (That is if we get every order back that the kids say the gathered today!!) Yay!! Great school funds…

Halloween Day

Such a fun filled a day at St. Gregory the Great.  We would like to thank all the parents who were able to join us and to all the families who sent such healthy and creative snacks!  

Kindergarten Pumpkin Investigation

Kindergarteners had so much fun exploring pumpkins

Mass with Auxiliary Bishop Bittman

It was also a special treat when Auxiliary Bishop Gregory Bittman stops in to celebrate mass with all of us. Thank you Auxiliary Bishop Bittman for reminding us we are part of something 'bigger'

Dance Party!

Grade 2's and Grade 9's had dance party in the gathering area!  Great way to spend your Phys Ed class

Grade 1's Literacy Centres

Grade 1's worked on literacy centres during their learning commons time

Grade 1G - singing

Wonderful to hear their voices singing All are Welcome, All Belong

Landfill Free Lunch

Mme. Bergeron’s grade 4 class challenged Mrs. Bishop’s class to bring a landfill free lunch today. The class with the least garbage after snack and lunch won bragging rights. Mme. Bergeron’s class is happy to announce we produced less than half…

Halloween Safety Talk

Grade 1's and Grade 2's listening to Officer Gouchie during the Halloween Safety presentation.  

Math Games! 1G

grade ones having a blast with math games


The S.W.A.T. (Student Wellness Action Team) attended the HASS workshop on October 25.  They learned about positive mental and physical health.  They are bringing ideas and knowledge back to St. Gregory's to promote health amongst the school.   

Computer Time! Grade 3's

Today the Grade 3's were learning to code their bird robots on  They are practising so they can code a real robot soon!

Grade 4's & Grade 3's

Grade four's put to use all that they learnt with Spheros and Cardinal Direction.  What a fun day of learning!  It also happened to be Mrs. Connelly's birthday!  And the Grade three's participated in some team building challenges!