What is a Learning Commons?

A learning commons is more than a library, it's a physical or virtual space that allows students to be engaged and deepen their learning by critically thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, innovating and communicating. The goal is to broaden student learning beyond the classroom and community. For more information, visit the Alberta Education website


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Tales from the Learning Commons - September 11 - 15

Learn / Connect / Create

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 P.m.

Learning Commons is open to Middle School Students before the first bell for quiet reading, board games or just just chillin’ out.


This past week September 11-15

By the end of this week all classes will have visited the Learning Commons. It has been great meeting all our students.  


Thank you to Meghan Bonneau who has been working in the Learning Commons since we opened. Meghan is our cafeteria assistant but since the cafeteria is not open yet, she has jumped right in to help where help is needed and believe me, I scooped her up right away! Meghan has been instrumental in helping to get the Learning Commons organized and decorated and she is also an avid reader which is so awesome. Thank you Meghan, you are appreciated!


Many donations of books, games and other items have been coming in and we really appreciate it! We are always accepting donations of gently used or new books and games, puzzles as well as craft supplies.


Thank you to the following families for your generous donations this past week!


Thank you to the Asmundson Family who donated a large bag of beautiful books including hardcover and over sized books. These books are already on the shelves and are a bit hit with our students! Thank you again Samantha and family. The Asmundson family have a daughter who attends our kindergarten program.


Thank you to whomever dropped off the large box of books from St. Elizabeth Seton!


Thank you to the McPeek Family from Red Deer who donated many boxes of books including children’s puzzles and lots of boardbooks for our Pre-K classes.


Thank you to the Blackfalds Public Library, Red Deer Public Library and Lacombe Public Library for book donations!

Thank you to the following Schools in our Division for their generous donations:


St. Francis of Assisi Middle School (books)

Holy Family Elementary School (books and book cart)

St. Elizabeth Seton Elementary School (books and book cart)

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School (books)

St. Teresa of Avila (books)


Your generosity is so appreciated!

Junior Librarians

We have had lots of interest from students who would like to help in the Learning Commons so we will be introducing a Jr. Librarian program for students in grades 4-9.  (Thank you to Mrs. Wilkins in the office who came up with the name!) We are asking all interested students to speak to their teacher first prior to signing up. We will be rolling out this volunteer opportunity later this month so watch for the announcements and schedule. Thank you to all who are interested!

Learning Commons & Makerspace

Our Learning Commons is a communal learning space that promotes literacy skills where students can share ideas, supplies, methods, time, tools, technology and books.  Learning Commons includes a Makerspace which refers to the creation of concrete things that can be made, held, picked up manipulated, worked, made as a decoration or made as a gift to give. This is not limited to physical items but it also applies to ideas, feelings, thoughts, conceptual things that can be formed, used and shared (from Maker Literacy by Lynn Pawloski & Cindy Wall, 2017). The goal of the Makerspace is to help students learn and while there are scheduled classes currently, we see this space becoming more fluid and flexible. The space can be booked in advance but is also setup to allow for drop in and group use.

We are accepting donations for our crafting Makerspace such as art paper, craft paper, magazines, paper tubes, paper plates, paint, yarn, glue, crayons, markers, glitter, rulers, sketchbooks. We will be adding a high-tech component and will keep you posted.

Wish List for games and activities for the Learning Commons: Chess/Checkers, Crib, Backgammon, Uno, Scrabble, cards. We encourage students to come and play these games in the Learning Commons.


Book Fair

Stay tuned for the Fall Book Fair coming soon! Dates to be announced.


St. Gregory the Great is very excited to announce that we are taking part in the Chapters/Indigo’s Adopt-A-School Program. Here is how you can get involved!

From September 16 to October 8, over 550 high-needs elementary schools across Canada will rally their communities and work to transform their school libraries!

Each participating school will receive:

  • Every dollar raised in-store and online to support your students and school library
  • Eligibility for a match of up to $1,200 from the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation
  • 30% off books at Indigo, Chapters and Coles when using program donations

Starting this Saturday, community members can visit the Adopt a School website and support your school through the Book Bonus, the Tell a Story, Give a Story matching program and the Adopt a School Story contest!

Please see Mrs. Vincent in the Learning Commons for more information.

Faith Corner

We have many books that teach us about our Catholic faith as well as many prayer books and the Action Bible and Youth Bible which are available to take home.

“Happiness is not what makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy.”

Source: A Listening Heart: The Spirituality of Sacred Sensuousness (Paperback) by David Steindl-Raste

Daily Catholic Meditations For Faith, Listening, and Peace (www.SilentInsight.com)

Thanks for visiting!Mrs. Vincent

A library book, I imagine, is a happy book.

–Cornelia Funke


Tales from the Learning Commons

Learn / Connect / Create

Update from Week of September 4 - 8

Hi Everyone, welcome to the Learning Commons Newsletter/Blog that will be posted weekly on St. Gregory the Great’s Website. I am looking forward to keeping you posted as to all the fun activities that we will be planning and I look forward to seeing all of you in the Learning Commons. This week’s newsletter is mostly information about our hours as well as some well deserved Thank You’s!


Learning Common Hours: We are open from 8:00 a.m to 3:45 p.m. everyday and will be open during all recess and lunch hours for students and staff. Please come and visit, take out a book and check out what we have planned in the Learning Commons.


Thank you to all the teachers, support staff, students and parents who have helped with getting our Learning Commons started! Help is always welcome and appreciated!


Many donations of books, games and other items have come in and we are always accepting donations of gently used or new books and games. Some of the donations were dropped off anonymously so thank you to all of you and if you have time please come by and say hi.


Thank you to the following families for your generous donations this past week!

Thank you to Laurenida Parkinson who graciously donated a set of amazing National Geographic hardcover books! Thank you so much for your generosity Laurenida.  Laurenida has a grandson in our kindergarten program.

Thank you to Kelly Thiessen and family who donated sets of beautiful World Book Encyclopedias including Children’s World Book, Student Discovery set, Young Scientist set, World Book Animals as well as an entire set of Childcraft non-fiction hardcover books. WOW we are so blessed to have such generous families in our school! Peyton and Parker Thiessen are both students at St. Gregory. Thank you Peyton and Parker for sharing your beautiful collection with our school. Your books will be treasured for many years!

Thank you to Janine Tattrie, one of our Educational Assistants whose family donated board games to our library. Thank you to Janine and to  your family.

Thank you to the family who donated the box and bag of Animorph novels to the Learning Commons!

If you have donated any books, games or supplies to our Learning Commons please stop by and let me know so that you can be properly recognized for your generosity. So many donations have come in and I would like to make sure that all our families are recognized.

Maker Space

I am very excited to get started on our Makerspace activities in the Learning Commons and I am always looking for ideas and suggestions. Watch for the notices of Makerspace activities coming soon!

Book Fair

Stay tuned for the Fall Book Fair coming soon! Dates to be announced.

Thanks for visiting!


Mrs. Vincent

A library book, I imagine, is a happy book.

–Cornelia Funke