Dress Code

Chalkboard with Dress Code text graphic

All students at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, both elementary and middle school, are expected to dress appropriately and in a manner that reflects we are a Catholic School. Failure to comply with dress code regulations will result in the following actions:

  1. The students will be asked to cover up with an appropriate sweater, jeans, etc., or
  2. The student will be asked to change into his or her gym strip, or
  3. The student’s parents will be contacted and the said student must go home and change into clothes that adhere to the school dress code.

a) Clothing is to be appropriate and respectful. Exposing cleavage and underwear are not acceptable. As well, clothing should not contain images or slogans that are offensive, related to gangs, inappropriate, or vulgar. This may include profanities, violent images, beer/tobacco promotion, etc.

b) Headgear is not permitted inside the school. This includes tuques, baseball caps, and bandanas.

c) Tank tops must have a shoulder width of at least five cm wide. Shirts or muscle shirts with open sides, beachwear, halter tops, spaghetti straps, or cropped shirts are not permitted.

d) The length of shorts must be 10 cm below your bottom.  

e) The length of skirts and dress hems must be no less than 15 cm below your bottom.  

f) Undergarments are to be covered at all times. This includes see-through clothing articles.