Middle School Re-Location Information



  1. Will before and after-school care be available at St. Lorenzo Ruiz, for working parents looking for childcare options? In many instances, younger children will be separated from their older siblings during this move.

    No, before and after school care will not be offered at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School. While before and after school care is currently available at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, this program is already at capacity. Parents requiring childcare are advised to investigate what options are available within the Town of Blackfalds. 


Option Classes and Athletics

  1. Would you add some different options classes like those currently offered at St. Gregory the Great?

    St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School currently offers a full slate of option programming. These options may not be exactly the same as what is currently available at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. 

  2. If Grade 6 is to continue at St.Gregory, will they be provided with music/band and sports options?

    Yes, music/band programming and athletics will continue to be offered to grade 6 students at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School.

  3. Will there be any early morning practices for athletics?

    Students who intend to take part in athletics should expect to attend practices before or after school, on occasion. While efforts are made to rotate these practices, parents should plan for drop off and pick up of students participating in the St. Lorenzo Athletics program. 


Foundation/Blended Programs

  1. Will the foundation/blended programs continue as they are or require adjustments following the move to St. Lorenzo?

    We will continue the Collaborative Classroom programming at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School for all grades not attending St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School. St. Lorenzo Ruiz will also continue to have foundations and blended programs. 

    Students moving to St. Lorenzo Ruiz that are currently enrolled in the SGTG Collaborative Classroom will continue their programming in either the Blended or Foundations classroom at St. Lorenzo Ruiz. Teachers from the Collaborative Classroom in SGTG will ensure that programming and associated paperwork that guides student programming will follow the students to St. Lorenzo Ruiz. Teachers in both SGTG and SLR will also have collaboration time to share information about student learning to help ensure a smooth transition.

School Transition and Integration

  1. Will the relocated students be allowed to specify 3-4 friends to have in their homeroom, so that they would mingle with SLR without feeling completely alone at the start of the year?

    Students will have friendships within the classrooms carrying over from St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Classes are designed carefully with students' needs in mind. 

  2. Will you keep St. Gregory students together for the first year at St. Lorenzo?

    No, the intent is to make these students part of the St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School community. This means integrating them into the current St. Lorenzo classes.

  3. Will the division consider coordinating the bell times between the two schools?

    Bell times are coordinated with transportation and there are many factors that go into determining bell times.

  4. School starts much later at St. Lorenzo than at St. Gregory - can students be granted access to St. Lorenzo earlier in the mornings?

    Supervision will begin outside 10 minutes before the bell time. Students can arrive at this time as we will have staff supervising.



  1. What would happen to the middle school teachers? 

    Staff will be part of the Human Resources transfer processes to ensure staff input is considered and appropriate placements are fulfilled.

  2. Will there be enough EAs at St. Lorenzo Ruiz to accommodate the additional students? Who determines those options?

    EA placements are based on student need so movement here could also occur if necessary.


St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School

  1. Will there be another opportunity for parents or students to tour the school for those who were unable to make the open house?

    Yes, there will be future opportunities for students and families to tour the St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School. Dates and times are still to be determined.

  2. What will the population be at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School with grades 7-9 transferring? How far from capacity will St. Lorenzo be?

    St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School’s total student population is expected to be approximately 530 students next year, which translates to 80% capacity in 2024-2025. 

  3. Is the importance of safety and security a top priority at St. Lorenzo? Are all access doors locked like at St. Gregory during the day?

    Practices and procedures are the same in all schools, division-wide. The same security measures that are currently in place at St. Gregory the Great Catholic are already in place at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School. 



  1. Would there be an additional cost for St. Gregory the Great families as part of the relocation?

    Currently fees are only assessed for those who don’t meet eligibility requirements. All the relocating students will meet the eligibility requirements.  

  2. What will these new ride times look like?

    Transportation has set a target of 30 minute ride times and every effort will be made to ensure the longest rider will not exceed 45 minutes.

  3. Will there be more than one pickup spot in Blackfalds?

    Yes. The routes will be designed upon receipt of registration with safety and division approved walk distance in mind for their pick up and drop off locations.

  4. How will our special needs children be bussed to and from St. Lorenzo? What are the time frames? Will they have support on the bus?

    We will have an Inclusive Service route available and individual students' needs will be considered in setting up this route.


St. Gregory the Great Enrollments

  1. Now that grades 7-9 have been temporarily moved to St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School, will St. Gregory the Great Catholic School be accepting new enrollments?

    St. Gregory the Great will be maintaining the expectations established by the Education Act for the acceptance of resident students.  Section 4(4) of the Education Act defines a resident student of the separate school district as the child of a parent who resides within the boundary of that separate school district who is of the same faith as those who established that district. This means that Catholic families are resident families and will be accepted as directed by the Education Act.

    Non-resident students as defined in section 4(4) can be accepted by the separate school district if there are sufficient resources and facilities available to accommodate the student. (Section 10(4)).

    Division Administration indicated that St. Gregory the Great would not be allowing non-resident enrollment as the capacity at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School remains over 100%.  Administration also informed current families who were affected by the relocation of grades 7-9 that the division would not be filling spaces created by this move with students that the division does not have to accept.

    Once new spaces are created in Blackfalds with the opening of a new school in 2027 (estimated date of completion) we will once again consider non-resident applications.


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